Users anywhere. Observers anywhere. You, wherever you need to be. UXCloud is a cloud-based platform for moderated user testing. With cloud-based recording, highlight creation, note taking, and pay-as-you-go pricing, it should be your first choice for your next moderated test.

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Sample Output from UXCloud

In the following video, UXCloud is configured to show the webcam feed for the person who is speaking. The clip begins with the moderator speaking.

UXCloud Feature Overview

UX Cloud is an online meeting service that runs on the Zoom platform.
Recording is cloud-based. Audio and video from the study is stored in MP4 format on the UXCloud server.
Moderator can:
  • take notes during the study
  • edit notes post study
  • extract video highlights
  • create findings.
Observers can take notes during the study. Notes are stored on the UXCloud server.
Participant's desktop and webcam are shared online for audio/video recording and so meeting attendees watch them work.
Remote participants are UXCloud's obvious use case. This does not preclude it from being used with an in-person participant.
Participants work with task materials and surveys that you provide.
HTML reports in UXCloud include: Notes • video links • highlights • findings.
Data are stored online on the UXCloud server until you download and delete them.
Budget: ≈$100 per test (estimated)
Sign up at and get a $50.00 credit