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Ovo understands that no two user experience labs are alike. Ovo works with your UX Team, Facilities staff, and Project Managers to design and implement an A/V solution that is appropriate for your goals and objectives for your UX research. After about a month from receiving a PO, Ovo travels to your site to install A/V equipment and cabling. Ovo integrates an Ovo Logger ADC workstation for recording and data collection. After installation, Ovo trains your staff how to use your turnkey lab. Once you are in production mode, Ovo acts as your remote lab manager, assisting with any questions or issues that may arise.

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Live UX Testing in the Cloud

Users anywhere. Observers anywhere. You, wherever you need to be.

UXCloud is a cloud-based platform for moderated user testing. With cloud-based recording, highlight creation, note taking, and pay-as-you-go pricing, it should be your first choice for your next moderated test.

Sample Recordings

Sample Output from UXCloud

UXCloud is configured to show the webcam feed for the person who is speaking. The clip begins with the moderator speaking.

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